2026 Board Announcement

Courtesy of Norbu Dorji

On April 21, 2024, the Yale Daily News elected its 147th Board of Directors, which will lead the Oldest College Daily through the 2024-25 academic year.

We begin our tenure at a time that reminds us more than ever how important student journalism is: the responsibility to report the truth on our campus and hold people in power accountable. We are committed to providing accurate and comprehensive coverage of Yale and New Haven, whether through daily coverage, analysis, multimedia or investigative stories.

We are prepared to take on these roles. diligently: editing late into the night in the newsroom or broadcasting coverage live from the scene. We strive to make news accessible to everyone on the Yale campus, and the doors of 202 York St. are open to everyone’s contributions and comments. We hope to earn your trust by providing our communities with the reporting they deserve over the next year.

Editor-in-chief and president

Tristan Hernandez

Austin, Texas, USA

Print Managing Editors

Ben Raab

New York, NY

Yurii Stasiuk

Kalush, Ukraine

Multimedia Chief Editor

ellie park

Suwanee, Georgia, USA


Richard Chen

Lexington, Massachusetts, USA

Public editor

Nathaniel Rosenberg

Silver Spring, Maryland, USA

Affairs Director

Samad Hakani

Lawrenceville, Georgia, USA

Opinion editors

faith duncan

Green River, Wyoming, USA

Milan Singh

Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA

University editors

Benjamin Hernandez

Dallas, TX

Adam Walker

Baldwin, New York, USA

city ​​editors

Mia Cortés Castro

Dorado, PR

Laura Ospina

Apex, North Carolina, USA

art editor

jane park

Roslyn, New York, USA

Science and technology editors

Esma Okutan

Rochester, New York

Carlos Salcerio

Miami Florida

sports editor

Kaitlyn Pohly

New York, NY

Research editors

Natasha Khazzam

Great Neck, New York

Molly Reinmann

Chappaqua, New York, USA

WKND Editors

Abby Asmuth

Madison, Wisconsin, USA

Zoë Halaban

New York, NY

Nora Ransibrahmanakul

El Dorado Hills, California, USA

Master Copy Editor

Michael Willen

Lansdale, Pennsylvania, USA

Chief production and design editors

Ariel Lopez

New York, NY

Lily Belle Poling

Birmingham, Alabama

Chief photography editor

Christina Lee

Deer Park, New York, USA

YTV editor

Nydia del Carmen


Audience Editor-in-Chief

Alyssa Chang

Stevenson Ranch, California, USA

Podcast Editor-in-Chief

Joanne Lee

Irvine, California, USA

Data Editor

Pamela Ogbebor

Sugar Land, Texas, USA

Illustration editor

Maria Arozamena

Tampa, Florida, USA

Technology Directors

Dylan Bober

Hollywood, Florida

Joshua Chang

Irvington, New York, USA