Teacher accused of having sex with two students says she ruined her ‘dream job’ with stupid ‘mistakes’, jury hears | UK News

Rebecca Joynes allegedly became pregnant after having sex with one of her victims, known as Boy B, Manchester Crown Court heard; She denies the accusations against her.

Tuesday 14 May 2024 17:14, United Kingdom

A teacher accused of having sex with two teenage pupils has told a jury she ruined her “dream job” with stupid “mistakes”.

Rebecca Joynes denies having had sexual relations with the two boys but admitted, in Manchester Crown Court, for breaching safeguarding rules by contacting them via Snapchat and taking them back to his flat in Salford Quays.

The 30-year-old woman was already suspended from her job and on bail for alleged sexual activity with Boy A, 15, when she allegedly took the virginity of a second boy, known as Boy B, 16, whose then she got pregnant.

Joynes denies having any sexual activity with Boy A, whose semen was recovered from her sheets.

In court she also maintains that the relationship with Boy B only began after he left school and she lost her job, so no legal offense was committed.

During the trial, Joynes described teaching as his “dream job” but said he had “ruined” his chances of working in the profession after making “mistakes”.

On Tuesday, the defendant was questioned by prosecutor Joe Allman for a second day as he noted “similarities” in both cases.

Allman alleged that both children were 15 when he began hosting them in his apartment and that he communicated with both through Snapchat, where the messages are deleted and not recovered by police.

Rebecca Joynes arrives at Manchester Crown Court on Monday. Photo: PA

In both cases, the activity was a secret from her parents and they were both flirting with her, Boy A, calling her “sexy” and Boy B, sending her a message that said, “Get your tits out.”

“What did you answer?” Mr. Allman said.

“Laughing faces,” Joynes responded.

But instead of ending that behavior, Allman accused Joynes of giving “ambiguous” answers.

The former teacher maintained that sexual relations with Boy B only began after he turned 16 and left school, and that she had been fired from her job.

But Boy B told the jury that while he was still at school, Joynes straddled him and kissed him in his apartment and then, on a second occasion, they had sex.

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This was after Joynes was arrested, suspended from her job and released on bail while police investigated allegations of contact with Boy A.

She stated that Boy B contacted her to check on her and she liked the attention, as she was feeling lonely, and a friendship grew.

The court heard they would go for a walk and he would visit her flat as she preferred to stay at her flat in Salford than with her parents in Wirral.

Joynes said: “Talking to my family, I had made mistakes, I had basically ruined my chances of getting my dream job.”

Allman said Joynes had a supportive family, a sister and a best friend at home, but instead chose the company of a 15-year-old boy.

“How the hell can that second scenario be a draw for you?” Mr. Allman said.

Joynes said: “I was stupid but I chose that option, I was obviously breaching my bail conditions.”

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The defendant claimed that after the relationship became sexual, she became sour and said Boy B became “controlling.”

Allman said: “Let’s look at the reality of the situation. You were 29, lived in a flat, had a good income and drove an Audi A1.

“He was a child, you were an adult. He was a student, you were a teacher.

“He lived with his mom and dad, they weren’t supposed to know about your relationships with him. Who controlled who?”

Jurors listened to Joynes and child B pray and could not decide whether to keep the baby or abort.

Boy B claims he tried to end the relationship but didn’t know how, called her a “paedo” and told her to find someone her age, but claimed Joynes emotionally pressured her to maintain their relationship.

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Allman quoted a letter he wrote to Boy B, saying, “Every inch of you is perfect. You are everything I ever dreamed of.”

Joynes said: “This was a year after he left school. I was in love with him. I was pregnant with his child.”

Joynes denies six charges of engaging in sexual activity with a child, including two while in a position of trust.

The trial was adjourned until Wednesday morning.