Chino Hills High School Senior Expelled from School for Live Stream Fight

A Chino Hills senior spoke out against the school district after the administration expelled her for livestreaming a fight.

“In our generation, you live to do makeup, to do everything,” said senior Zoey. “It was just going to be up and running for the sake of being up and running. I didn’t mean to intentionally cause harm to anyone.”

Zoey already took her senior prom pictures and bought her prom dress, but she can’t go to the dance or walk at her graduation this month at Ayala High School due to expulsion, possibly ruining her future academic plans. .

“I got a big academic scholarship (a $19,000 scholarship) to go to college,” he said. “I will practice law after I graduate.”

The Chino Valley Unified School Board said it cannot comment on this incident due to student confidentiality laws. In an official expulsion letter from the board, officials accuse Zoey of violating three educational codes: cyberbullying, intimidation, harassment and attempting to cause physical harm to another person. A source close to the incident told KCAL News that the incident was more of a planned attack on the victim.

Zoey said she did no such thing nor played any role in orchestrating the encounter.

“No, it was more of an impulsive thing,” he said. “It was just bad judgment on my part.”

The board wrote in the letter that his presence on campus would present an ongoing danger.

“It hurts me so much to hear these things about her, knowing who she is and the integrity she has,” Zoey’s mother said.

His mother said she knows the district’s parent-student handbook mentions possible disciplinary actions that could lead to expulsion.

“We signed the document, but so did the other student who got into a fight and was able to walk,” Zoey’s mother said.

Zoey said she opened her heart to apologize to the board, hoping they would reconsider and just suspend her, but she feels like it didn’t matter.

“Everyone was working against me: the entire Chino Valley Unified School District,” Zoey said. “They knew they wanted to make an example of me and that’s what they did.”

Zoey will finish her education at an alternative school. Her family can appeal her expulsion to the San Bernardino County Superintendent of Schools, so she can still receive her Ayala High School diploma.