Philadelphia Daily Briefing: Return of Tech Meetups; Fundraising advice; More changes at the ILO

Tech Meetups Are Coming Back

Dozens of people attended the Super Meetup on Wednesday as part of Philly Tech Week 2024 to connect with other like-minded meetup organizers and attendees.

Philly JavaScript Club, Philly Java Users Group, A11yPHL and Code for Philly were represented Wednesday night. Meeting organizers emphasized that meetings are important for making connections and learning new skills that can be incorporated into their daily work.

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Raising funds is difficult. Building trust is key

Fundraising was the main topic of discussion between two mid-Atlantic founders at the Builders Conference on Thursday. The session featured insights from Yasmine Mustafa, CEO and founder of ROAR in Philadelphia, and Amit Kumar Singh, CEO and co-founder of NearStar Fusion in Chantilly.

The two main takeaways were 1) the era of cheap money is over and investors are being more intentional about where they put their money, and 2) it’s important to engage with your investors, keep them updated, and build strong relationships with them.

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News Incubator: What else to know today?

• Former information technology process manager Aviva Kaminsky wrote on LinkedIn that her position in the city’s Office of Innovation and Technology was eliminated in April. (LinkedIn/

• Integral Molecular last week launched a spin-off company, Cell Surface Bio. The company’s research studies monoclonal antibodies. (PR Newswire/

• Helen Horstmann-Allen and Margaret Berger-Bradley lead an Invest For Better circle in Philadelphia. The group aims to help women better understand impact investing. (Invest to improve)

• WeWork completed lease negotiations in Philadelphia last week and will take on its second lease in the city. The coworking company took on a lease at its 1100 Ludlow location earlier this spring. (WeWork/