Michaelia Cash claims Ninette Simons is ‘the face of Mr Albanese’s failure’ to detainees after government’s High Court victory

Shadow Attorney-General Michaelia Cash has claimed Western Australian grandmother Ninette Simons is “the face of Mr Albanese’s failure” with detainees, as she reacted to the government’s immigration victory in Court Superior.

On Friday morning, the High Court dismissed the case of a 37-year-old Iranian man, known as ASF17, in a victory for the government in the long-running detainee saga in which the Prime Minister, along with the Immigration Minister, Andrew Giles, police officer harsh criticism.

Immigration officials had been trying to return ASF17 to his homeland for the past five years, but the detainee refused to cooperate, claiming he feared execution upon his return because he is bisexual.

However, six of the High Court judges found that he did not have “a genuine and well-founded fear of persecution”, and ruled that the man was also “capable of providing the necessary assistance to remove him”.

Giles seized on the decision at a rare news conference on Friday afternoon, arguing that it strengthened the government’s position and showed that it had made progress in reforming immigration laws after the release of a group of detainees last year.

“I welcome the court’s decision because I think it allows us to maintain a really important element of our immigration system: the ability of the Australian government to allow the removal of someone who by its action alone is preventing their removal,” he said. .

Speaking immediately after the Immigration Minister, Senator Cash also welcomed the ruling, but dismissed suggestions that it showed the government had handled the issue effectively.

“The Coalition welcomes the High Court’s decision in the ASF17 case,” he said.

“What the decision, however, does not distract from is the disaster that the Albanian government has become when it comes to the management of detainees.”

The shadow attorney general said legal experts widely expected the High Court to dismiss the case, arguing it showed the government had not needed to rush through emergency legislation late last year aimed at tackling the issue “without scrutiny.” “.

Senator Cash added that the opposition’s call to put the bills through committee review was now justified by the ruling.

After weeks in which the government has endured harsh criticism related to the case of Ms. Simons, 73, who was allegedly beaten by a detainee released after the High Court decision last year, the senator sought to emphasize her description of the work of the Labor Party. failures with an explosive statement addressed to the Prime Minister.

“Western Australians have a very clear message for Mr Albanese,” Senator Cash said.

“Ninette Simons has become the face of Mr Albanese’s failure to keep Australians, but also Western Australians, safe.

Andrew Giles leads the media following the High Court decision in the detainees' case

“Mr. Albanese offered no responsibility for what happened, but worse still he refused to apologize.”

Albanese, who had traveled to Perth earlier in the week, refused to meet Simons or apologize directly to her, despite WA’s grandmother telling the Immigration Minister she no longer felt safe in her own home after the stroke.

Echoing Senator Cash, Shadow Immigration Minister Dan Tehan highlighted new community protection summary data which he said revealed that less than half of detainees released last year were wearing ankle monitors, despite that many had previous convictions for serious crimes, including murder and rape.

The detainee who allegedly assaulted Ms. Simons was among those not being monitored.

Tehan accused the Immigration Minister of “dereliction of duty” by offering no explanation as to why some detainees were not subject to monitoring, while also claiming that the government’s Community Protection Board, set up to coordinate a response to the problem, was being used to defend Mr. Giles and not to prevent harm to the community.

“Why have you delegated this responsibility to this Community Safety Board? Why have you not set parameters on the decisions they would make?” Mr. Tehan asked.

“Why hasn’t he said, at a minimum, that 116, 116, murderers, sex offenders and violent criminals have to wear ankle bracelets and have curfews imposed on them?

“Why hasn’t he done it as a responsible Minister? Let’s forget about the High Court decision, it was important, but what they did under the guise of this decision was try to hide from the Australian people what is really happening.”