Vancouver gardener finds ‘old pomegranate’: VPD

There was a lot of police activity in the Olympic Village on Sunday, May 12, after an unusual call.

According to the police, a gardener found a grenade there.

“A woman digging in a small garden near Hinge Park dug up an old pomegranate this morning,” said Sgt. Steve Addison tells VIA in an email. “It is currently unclear how long the grenade was there or who put it there.”

Explosives experts were brought in and the grenade was considered to appear to be live, Addison notes.

“Explosives technicians from our Emergency Response Team tested the grenade for live and then inert testing using a small explosive charge,” Addison tells VIA.

Addison notes that an investigation is underway.

On social media, locals reported seeing a lot of police and police tape and hearing a loud bang as the grenade was destroyed.