Queers for Palestine protesters arrested after blocking exit to Florida’s Disney World, chanting “Free Palestine”

A group of anti-Israel protesters from a Florida chapter of Queers for Palestine were seen blocking access to Walt Disney World before being quickly arrested on Saturday, May 11.

Queers for Palestine protesters arrested after blocking the exit to Florida’s Disney World (cflqueersforpalestine/Instagram)

The small group, dressed in keffiyeh, blocked the Disney exit off Interstate 4 in Orlando using their vehicles. They accused the company of “supporting genocide.” “Free Palestine, free,” protesters chanted, holding banners on the ramp.

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Some drivers used the shoulder of the road to surround the protesters. The video showed an angry motorist getting out of the car to confront them.

‘You’re making people really hate you’

According to a viral clip that appeared on social media, the motorist is heard saying: “You are losing people to your cause because of this… Give it a little thought. “You’re making people really hate you.”

The protester verbally attacked him, calling him a “genocide sympathizer.” “Fuck off. Forty-five thousand dead,” the protester shouted. According to the Gaza Health Ministry, nearly 35,000 Palestinians have been killed since Hamas attacked Israel on October 7.

“This is not the way, do you understand? Think a little bit! The angry man responded before shaking himself off.

The video continued and eventually showed moving cars. The group claims that Disney supports Israel without “recognizing the loss of Palestinian lives in the ongoing genocide.” He also accuses the company of featuring an Israeli superhero in 2025’s ‘Captain America: Brave New World,’ according to the New York Post. The page shared several Instagram stories calling for a boycott of Disney.

A Fox News reporter shared on X that the police arrived 11 minutes later. “Queers For Palestine” protesters who blocked the highway exit to Disney World in Orlando, FL, have been arrested by the Florida Highway Patrol. They told me they were arrested within 11 minutes,” wrote journalist BillMelugin. “Florida continues zero tolerance for blocking traffic.”